Housing Authority FAQs

Frequently asked questions for the Saguache County Housing Authority's Office

Housing Authority FAQs

Do you have vacancies?

We do not currently have vacancies.

How long is the wait?

Most likely around six months.  It is difficult to determine the duration of time as we do not possess open vacancies at the moment and these things are almost entirely dependent on when current tenants vacate the property.

How can I be placed on the waiting list?

You can visit the Housing Authority office, call, email, or mail a request and I will send an application so that you may complete it and return it to the Housing Authority office or mailing address.

How much will my rent be?

We operate two properties, Blue Water Haciendas and Puerto Del Norte.  

Blue Water Haciendas is a Project Based Section 8 property.  Rent is typically about 30% of your income, and there are specific deductions that can be taken advantage of for dependents, elderly households, and disabled households.

Puerto Del Norte is based on home rents.  At the time of move in if a household earns 60% of the median income or less, the reduced HOME rent will be charged.  The specifics of what is considered to be 60% of area median income is dependent on household size.  Please contact the Housing Authority office for a specific income threshold.  

HOME Rents:  $399 for a one bedroom, $441 for a two bedroom, and $557 for a three bedroom.  

Market Rents:  $530 for a one bedroom, $614 for a two bedroom, and $860 for a three bedroom.

Utilities (electricity/natural gas/water/sewer/trash) are included in rents.

Where can obtain a Section 8 Choice voucher or have my Section 8 Choice Voucher ported to another location?

The Saguache County Housing Authority does not administer the Section 8 Choice Voucher program, however we do keep applications at the Housing Authority office.

We do accept the vouchers at Puerto Del Norte.  

However, you would be required to relinquish your Section 8 Choice Voucher if you were to move into Blue Water Haciendas as double subsidies are prohibited.  This is a an important fact considering the long wait for Section 8 Choice Vouchers.

The Center Housing Authority administers the area's Section 8 Choice Voucher program and can be contacted at 719-754-2537.