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Clerk & Recorder's Office Will No Longer Provide Colorado Driver's License Renewal Services

Due to recent personnel changes, the Clerk & Recorder's office in Saguache will no longer provide Colorado Driver's License renewal services.  Residents can access this service at any Colorado Department of Revenue, Drivers License Office in the State.  The two offices closest  to this area are in Alamosa and Salida.  The Alamosa office is located at 715 6th Street, phone number 719 589 4274.  The Salida office is located at 120 W. 3rd Street, phone number 719 539 2802.


Certified Write-in Candidates
November 8, 2016 General Election
Saguache County, Colorado
A person who wishes to be a write-in candidate for an office in an election shall file an affidavit of intent stating that he or she desire the office and is qualified to assume its duties if elected.  No write-in vote for an office in an election shall be counted unless the person for whom the vote was cast filed the affidavit of intent.  Section 1-4-1101, C.R.S.
A write-in vote should be counted if the write-in line on the ballot includes at least a reasonably correct interpretation of the candidate’s last name and the voter fills in the target area next to the write-in line.  In the case of write-in candidates for the Presidential Electors contest, the voter must write at least the last names of both write-in candidates comprising the pair.  See sections 1-4-1103, 1-5-407(3), 1-7-114, and 1-7-304, C.R.S., Election Rule 18, and the current version of the Secretary of State’s Voter Intent Guide.
The Colorado Secretary of State has certified that the following individuals timely filed affidavits of intent to be write-in candidates for the offices specified:
Presidential Electors (Vote for One Pair)
Bruce Lohmiller / J.R. Smith                                    Green / Democratic
Thomas J. Nieman / Bernie Jackson                        Unaffiliated / Libertarian
Corey Sterner / Jeff Ryan                                        Unaffiliated / Republican
David Perry / Eric “Rick” Seiley                               Republican
Brian Anthony Perry / Michael Byron Nelson             Unaffiliated
Cherunda Fox / Roger Kushner                                Unaffiliated
United States Senator (Vote for One)
Don Willoughby                                                      Unaffiliated